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Beech Hill Pond, Maine

Beech Hill Pond

Each 3-D lake map is a solid wood framed bathymetry chart carved in Baltic Birch wood. All of the intricate details of each map are carved and laser engraved creating a unique & accurate piece of art. We can truly say they are “Water carved in wood”.

  • Made in Maine. All materials from the USA.
  • Shipped to all 50 states, international shipping options available.
  • Free customizations, individually signed.
  • Custom made, hand finished and assembled.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Is there a minimum order? There is no minimum. However, if you are ordering a 3D map that we have not done before, we require a minimum quantity of two, or a one-time $30 design fee will apply.
  • What is the average production time? On average, our production time is 3-4 weeks and longer during the holiday season.
  • Do you dropship? Yes. All standard shipping rates will apply.
  • Can we add our business name or logo to the 3D map? Yes. We can add your logo to the front of the 3D map or your business name, website, etc to the wood backing at no charge.
  • Can we sell online? Yes. We will provide product photos upon request.
  • Do you offer water stain and frame finish choices? Yes. You have your choice of four different stains and two different frames.
  • Do you offer customization? Yes. At no extra charge.
  • Can you do any body of water even when it is not on the list? We can do any lake, pond, river or coastal area provided we can obtain adequate depth information. Rarely can we not get depth data. Upon occasion, we will use aerial photography if nothing is available.
  • Where do you get your depth information? We have many sources. However, we rely on the State Department of Natural Resource data, independent surveys, among others. Our ocean 3D maps are developed using official NOAA navigation data.
  • Are there any retail pricing restrictions? No, however, we do recommend a suggested retail price on all of our products.
  • Do you offer different size 3D maps? Our standard 3D map sizes are small 12”x 15” and large 18” x 22.5”. Occasionally, we suggest a variation on the standard sizes to maximize detail and depth layers. There is no additional charge for variations we recommend.

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